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iYogi, the on-demand direct to consumer remote tech support company has come up with various ways to provide its customer’s resolution to their problems or complaints. The complaints may not necessarily deal with the technical issues but can also be related to the services or products of iYogi. These complaints can be registered on different platforms provided by the company based on hundreds of interactions through different modes of communications. The registered complaints are addressed by iYogi Tech Experts, a dedicated ART (Active Response Team), who proactively reach out to the grieved customers and come up with various solutions to fix their problems.

This approach by iYogi has not just helped our customers to build confidence in us but also motivates them to continue their services and subscription with us for long. One such complaint iYogi’s ART team recently closed was by a customer who reported to have had three separate occasions to call iYogi and each time he called up, the response time from iYogi Customer Care Executive was long. He also reported that once the call was answered and the problem was briefed, his issue was handed over to another iYogi Tech Expert and he had to explain the issue all over again. Since, iYogi has trained technicians and based on their area of expertise they attend a customer, there are chances that the call might be transferred from one executive to another in order to serve you better. The call is directed to the right person who has the knowledge about the same and is being trained for it. However, this process is not prolonged for hours and iYogi is known for its one of the highest resolution rates among the industry. Once these things were delivered to the same upset customer he appreciated us to put an end to his ongoing issue and understood the nuances.

As soon as iYogi comes across any such similar complaints by our customers who mistakenly have had a bad experience with the company in the past and wants someone to redress or reopen the issue or otherwise, iYogi makes sure that it traces the grieved customers and personally tackle their complaints. Moreover, ART Team of iYogi keeps track of all such complaints proactively and speaks to the customers as soon as they are traced. ART Team can help you resolve your current PC issues, if any or technical query that one has can be answered by them. They are also efficient in scanning your PC of all the possible threats and would rectify the issues immediately to help you come out of the bad experience you must have had with iYogi by any chance.

iYogi is an award winning company and is a leading provider of online technical support services offered directly to consumers and small businesses across a wide range of computing and communications devices, software. iYogi services hundreds of thousands of subscribers across several countries. There are multiple incident reports and thousands of callers that call for technical issues on a daily basis. iYogi believes in delivering Good Karma and quality services to all its customers worldwide. However, sometimes there may be some set back while making a delivery of support and services. In case one addresses such an issue and wants to report a complaint you can reach out to iYogi at and our expert technicians would get back to you immediately. iYogi welcomes feedback from its customers, good or bad. To serve the same purpose, they have iYogi Complaints Form on various iYogi websites, where you can directly post your complaints or any related issue. We at iYogi, look forward to serve you better and in a more efficient manner.

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