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iYogi complaints: A welcomed approach

With Internet being the most populated arena for customers posting complaints, it gets easier for a company to trace them and respond to them with an effort to find a solution to their problems. To do the same, a company should be willing to interact with its customers and welcome their feedbacks. Only a handful of consumers would like it when a salesman repeatedly bugs in order to pitch a sale of their services/ products. Despite of that if a customer purchases a deal, it is well understood that he relies on the company and is convinced about its services. Then it’s up to the company to deliver the best to its customers. iYogi strongly believes in keeping up to its customer’s expectations to a level that it welcomes any negative feedback or complaint related to its services. At times customers might get agitated when a door-to-door salesman come knocking, or they find their mailbox overloaded with pitch mails, or the telemarketer’s calling regularly, so on and so forth. There might also be instances when customers may not get an instant resolution to their problem or their expectations are not met. Then there is a possibility that they might register a complaint.

iYogi, an independent direct-to-consumer provider of remote tech support services, keeps a track of such iYogi complaints and tries its best to provide an instant resolution, reaching out to grieved customers. There are myriad of online complaint forums that welcome venting from the customers but what makes iYogi different from the rest is its attempt to personally resolve the problems of each unhappy customer. One such complaint, posted by one of our valuable customer was about the response time. His complaint was to have called iYogi thrice on different occasions and ending up waiting for long durations just to get a response from a technician. Such complaints are tracked and a dedicated team of members are entrusted the responsibility to resolve it. iYogi trains its employees to troubleshoot toughest of issues with calm and composed approach. This issue, where the case is more or less about inefficient services, was immediately escalated and taken care of with the combined efforts of multiple teams like the Customer Service team, the HR and others. The case is also highlighted amongst the top notch people within the organization so that the immediate necessary steps can be taken in order to prevent it in future. These high profile people in the company understand the seriousness of the issue and advice the best method to reach out to the customers who have ever chanced an unsatisfactory experience.

We at iYogi believe in pacifying a customer by tracing him and then trying to resolve the issues that he ever had. The company treats its customers as an individual and hence, solves the problem individually. We make sure that the customer is thoroughly content with our resolution. Such co-ordination puts an end to ongoing complaints that a customer might have had at any point in time. iYogi team ensures that a complaint has a positive closure, with all the stake holders going home happy.


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